Thursday, October 04, 2007



New! Featuring four beams, nearly twice the rotation speed and improved timing processing, the Quadri-Beam is an ultra cool disc treatment. This patented process reduces the noise floor allowing far more information to be retrieved from the disc. It also works great on DVDs, giving you a picture that is brighter, sharper, crisper and cleaner. For those of you who have never experienced the sonic benefits of the Bedini Clarifier, it significantly reduces high frequency glare and increases retrieval of information, enhancing dynamic range. Detail and resolution are improved dramatically.

This is one of the great audiophile tweaks listed on the website that I linked to in my previous post. I also discovered this after reading some of the comments from the Slashdot post. I couldn't resist sharing this.


  1. Hmmmm......I guess I should be honest & say that I bought this audio tweak' after its previous owner was laughed out of the local audio club for using it, so (a) I didn't pay a lot for it & (b) I didn't expect much either.

    Just as well, as I couldn't here anything different after using it for over a week with many brands of CDs including a few I had burnt myself.

    No higher highs, lower lows, enhanced dynamic range, nothing. No reduction of sound either by the way, so I might just as well have waived a dirty sock over my CDs as used the Bedini Quadri-Beam.

    Please don't think I'm a total skeptic either; I still use a Metrostat (similar to Zerostat) anti-static gun on my LPs with audible results, so if the Bedini offered a similar level of performance enhancement I'd still have it.

    But I'm sure its new owner will evaluate it as I did, and who knows; it may have a fourth owner already.

  2. roughplanet -

    Thanks for your honesty. Me, I'm pretty skeptical, but I did make some speaker cables from braided CAT5 that required a lot of labor for benefits that I can't quantify.