Wednesday, September 20, 2017

USB Audio Class 2.0 Support in Windows 10, FINALLY!!!!

I was just reviewing this blog and I realized I mentioned that I'd provide updates if anything changed regarding a Microsoft driver for USB Audio Class 2.0 in a previous post way back in 2014. I failed to mention this when it was first news last Spring (2017). Besides, I don't think Microsoft made any big announcement about this. People just started to notice that the latest Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update (a.k.a. Redstone2 or RS2) includes a new USB Audio 2.0 class driver, usbaudio2.sys.

I'm not sure if this native driver supports multichannel surround but several people have used it for high-resolution stereo. Just do a google search for "USB Audio Class 2.0 Windows 10" and you'll see numerous discussions about this.

Confirmed: Windows 10 now supports USB Audio Class 2.0

USB Audio 2.0 Class Driver in latest Windows 10 RS2

USB Audio 2.0 support coming to Windows 10 from Microsoft

Finally, after years of nonsense decisions, Microsoft is working to add a native class driver for USB Audio 2.0 devices. They are testing it in the latests Windows Insider versions:
'Native support for USB Audio 2.0: We now have native support for USB Audio 2.0 devices with an inbox class driver! This is an early version of the driver that does not have all features enabled, for e.g.: only playback (render) is supported with this version. Recording (capture) support is scheduled to arrive in later iterations. We encourage you to play with the driver and let us know what you think (using the Feedback app). If you already have third party drivers for your USB Audio 2.0 device installed, follow instructions in this blog post to switch to using the inbox class driver.'
Latest Windows 10 build brings native support for USB Audio 2.0

 Oh well... it's too late for us. Amplio Audio is no longer.

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