Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Amplio Audio's first prototype

Our company, Amplio Audio, is currently developing a product that combines a computer's soundcard with high quality class-D amplifier modules. Our first "conceptual" prototype is basically a 5.1 surround sound (6 channel) product. In a future post, I will provide photographs of the completed conceptual prototype. The prototype (I haven't given it a name -- any suggestions?) has performed very well. It is currently hooked up to our HTPC (home theater personal computer). The HTPC is also connected to our network. I currently use J.River's Media Center 11 to play music from my library of losslessly encoded WMA tracks, which are stored on a media server on the network. To listen to the system, I have a pair of Precise Monitor 10 full range 3-way loudspeakers connected to the prototype. We also have a full Era 5.1 speaker system that we plan to use for future testing (so, the Monitor 10s are for sale!!).

The prototype product currently includes the following components:

  1. the chassis
  2. power supply - toriodal transformers and power supply PCBs
  3. amplifier modules
  4. FireWire interface
  5. digital/analog section (DACs, ADC, etc.)

I will provide more information about each of these sections in future posts.

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