Saturday, January 13, 2007

CES 2007 Keynotes

The only keynote I was able to sit in on was the Monday afternoon keynote by Disney's CEO, Robert Ager. Like I said in my earlier post, it was a nice 1 hour Disney promo. Disney sure has a lot of content and they just can't wait to get it to you... sort of.

I missed Bill Gate's keynote Sunday evening, since I didn't arrive until Monday morning. Even though I really enjoy demonstrations of home automation with audio and video gadgetry, I don't think the keynote was as interesting as this lunch meeting he had with several bloggers earlier that day at CES. At about 15 minutes into this conversation, Bill comments that they will push downloadable content as much as they can (HD-DVD is great, but eventually online will be more important), but there are digital rights issues slowing things down. He mentions that this is not as much of a problem with their Xbox consoles because of their closed architecture. Then Ryan Block, Managing Editor of Engadget commented that in the future, the living room (meaning the Xbox) will be a more important platform for Microsoft than the PC. Bill disagreed and said "no, Media Center is way richer." He goes on to say that Media Center (meaning HTPCs running Window's Media Center) is the superset device and represents a gigantic market because of the openness and variety of PCs. He also mentioned that PC gaming will be where you'll see the cutting edge high end gaming happening, partly because of all the advanced graphics technology being developed by ATI and NVIDIA.

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