Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hybrid Blu-ray & HD DVD from LG

This Blu-ray / HD DVD combo drive from LG is more like it (except the price is wrong). It's called the Super Multi Blue’ (GGW-H10N) and was announced back in January at the CES show. This drive actually burns Blu-ray discs. It only reads HD DVD, but that's okay with me, since (like I said in last Thursday's post) there's plenty of capacity with Blu-ray discs.

Another announcement I missed was HP's plan to include this drive in new media center PCs (goes to show that HP isn't abandoning the HTPC market afterall) .

I wonder how much more HP will charge for the systems that include the Blu-ray / HD DVD combo drives. The base price of the systems are around $925 - $950 and LG set the retail price of the drive somewhere around $1,000, so a safe bet would be somewhere around $1,950, but I've read rumors that the drive addition might be as low as $560, which would make the system price about $1,500. That's not too bad considering LG's stand-alone combo player is priced at $1,200.

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