Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Microsoft's Improved Development Process with Windows 7

First, I still haven't installed Windows 7 even though I'm pretty confident the update will take care of the MP3 problem. I'm still holding off on the install because I really don't have time to play around with Windows 7. Just a little too busy.

Anyhow, I came across a comment on an MSDN blog written by Larry Osterman about the changes the Microsoft engineering team has made during the development of Windows 7. They've introduced the "triad," which is a collection of representatives from developers, testing and program managers. All of their work is organized by triads. All three of these disciplines provide input into the process. Larry says, organizationally, the Windows 7 development process is dramatically better. It's a pretty interesting read -- here's a link to Larry's post.

Having worked several years in software development and project management, their new "triad" structure sounds good to me. The triad reminds me of a conversation I had with Dan Costello many years ago. Dan wanted to use a similar organizational structure with his web development company, Acumium.

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