Thursday, January 08, 2009

Windows 7 Beta Available to MSDN and TechNet Subscribers

This is tempting... but, there is one problem that makes me want to hold off just a bit. Here's what's included in the installation instructions for Windows 7 Beta:

To protect your MP3 files:
  1. Before you install this Beta release, back up all MP3 files that might be accessed by the computer, including those on removable media or network shares.
  2. Install the Beta release of Windows 7; download and install the Update to Windows 7 Beta (KB961367) located on this page.
I better check into this a little bit more before jumping into installing the Windows 7 Beta. At this time, it may be more hassle than I need. Many times all compressed audio is referred to as MP3s. I'll need to learn if this also includes WMA Lossless, FLACs or just real MP3s. Since I don't have that many MP3s, it's not as much a hassle, but nevertheless it is something that warrants a little more investigation. I just have never seen this sort of warning for an OS install and I'm really curious why this is needed.

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