Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Exciting News from Hypex

We are using Hypex amp modules in our current prototype. So far, they are the best Class-D modules we've found and are the leading candidates for our commercial products. According to a recent post in the diyAudio Class D forum by Jan-Peter van Amerongen, Hypex's Founder and General Manager, their next generation 180W and 400W amplifier modules will receive the following upgrades:
  • Audiophile version of the UcD Modulator (small PCB).
  • Audiophile decoupling capacitor, 220uF/100V. (with own printing)
  • PSRR improved of the local power supply regulator for buffer stage.
  • Audiophile AC coupling capacitor in input stage.
  • THD further reduced.
  • improved temperature stability.
  • optional a soon-to-be-released extra 12V full discrete regulater with extreem good specs.
  • and we will use the LM4562...we love this op amp...
"It will be our state of the art product.... "

We've been very happy with the performance of the first generation, especially after a few tweeks. I can't wait to hear these. Now, I wonder when they'll finish their SMPS...

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