Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Information on the new UcD Amplifiers

Jan-Peter responded to more diyAudio inquiries with the following information:

We have taken our time to review a lot of different brands of capacitors, the caps we have chosen perform extremely nice. To be honest we are very happy to find such a good performing capacitor.

The complete list of changes are:
  • Audiophile version of the UcD Modulator (small PCB).
  • using Mini Melf resistors and NP0 capacitors on critical places in the Modulator and around the buffer op amp.
  • Audiophile decoupling capacitor, 220uF/100V. (with own printing)
  • PSRR improved of the local power supply regulator for buffer stage.
  • Audiophile AC coupling capacitor in input stage.
  • THD further reduced.
  • improved temperature stability.
  • all potentiometers are Sealed Bourns 3362 P.
  • optional a soon-to-be-released extra 12V full discrete regulator with extremely good specs.
  • and we will use the LM4562...we love this op amp...
UcD180HG extra updated:
  • better power FET, lower gate charge for faster switching/lower THD.
  • the same type of output coil as the UcD400ST/AD/HG
In about 3~4 weeks we will have them available.

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