Friday, October 06, 2006

Damn Spammers

I think some spammer has hijacked our domain name this past week. I registered the domain name through Yahoo! Small Business. As you can probably tell from our website at, we decided on the low-budget deal. All I wanted was the domain name and a few email addresses with Actually, I wanted, but that domain name was taken even though nobody seems to be using it. So the amplioaudio website is really just a placeholder until we get closer to selling our products.

During the last week or so, I've been getting lots of "undeliverable mail" messages, saying the message from 'someweirdname at amplioaudio dot com' could not be delivered, etc. Each message has some different email name like 'nzogo at amplioaudio dot com'. None of them are accounts I set up with Yahoo!'s mail service. A lot of the undeliverable messages show that the messages were trapped by some spam filter. Obviously, some spammer is sending out thousands of messages using the amplioaudio domain. Now lots of people will probably block amplioaudio and legit messages will all get dumped in their spam folders. This pisses me off!! Does anyone know if there is any way to stop this? I contacted Yahoo!'s tech support several times, but they haven't responded. Any ideas???


  1. I finally spoke with someone from Yahoo Small Business tech support. They said when someone uses your domain name to send spam, it is called "spoof" email. Anyhow, I am suppose to forward all the spoof email I get to We'll see what happens...

  2. Just an update:

    After forwarding several of the spoof emails to email address mentioned in my last comment, the number of spoof emails has increased. This is really annoying.

  3. YouTube has removed all of the Comedy Central clips from it's collection. So the "Spammers are dumb" video no longer plays.