Friday, October 06, 2006

Sony seems to be fine with digital downloads

An article just posted in Arstechnica, reports that a Sony exec expects digital downloads to be the most common distribution method for games in about five years when Blu-ray will just be coming a house hold word. This is when he expects everyone to have a fast enough Internet connection. The exec is really just talking about how this will apply to the gaming industry, but obviously this will have an impact on movie and music downloads. Most of the major online services only offer compressed audio, but with fat pipes they will be able to sell uncompressed, higher res, multichannel music.

The article also mentions that in some areas the download speeds are already there. Like those lucky bastards who currently have Verizon's 30 Mbps Fios service or even 100 Mbps from a Swedish cable modem service. I wish we had something like that here in Madison. I think my AT&T 6 Mbps DSL service is the best we can do here.

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