Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving SongSpot

This week, we celebrate Thanksgiving so I searched Sonific's site for a song that might be appropriate for the occasion. Here's what I found:

The first song that came up - 'Thanksgiving Day', by The Kelly Bowlin Band, wasn't chosen because it is a ripoff of a very familiar tune (can anyone guess which one I'm referring to?). The next song, 'Thanksgiving', by Stanton Lanier, is a nice new age tune, but not quite what I was looking for. Next on the list is 'Thanksgiving (No Way Out)' by the Violent Femmes. I was tempted to pick this, because the Femmes are from my home state of Wisconsin (they're from the Milwaukee area), but this tune just doesn't capture the Thanksgiving spirit, if you know what I mean. Next came 'Thanksgiving with a Prostitute', by Lonesome Steve and the Coyotes, close but maybe not real appropriate. The next song, 'Happy Thanksgiving', by Debbie Friedman, is probably the one that I should choose because it is the least offensive, but it just didn't appeal to me either. It reminds me of the songs that we listened to with our kids when they were toddlers. The last song that appeared in the search results is called 'David's Thanksgiving & Prayers (Thine O Lord)', by Faith A. Davis. I almost didn't even listen to this because I'm not really into religious tunes. I decided to listen only because I couldn't decide between any of the others on the list and was surprised to hear a really good song. Like i said, I'm not a big fan of gospel music, but have to admit the vocalists are pretty amazing.

I didn't really find my perfect Thanksgiving song, but the best of these choices is probably the gospel tune from Faith A. Davis. Again, it's called 'David's Thanksgiving & Prayers (Thine O Lord)' from her album Worship... It's a Lifestyle.

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