Monday, November 27, 2006

Who is Amplio Audio?

Here's an excerpt from our business plan that might help to explain who we are and what we are trying to do. This is basically the executive summary.

Amplio Audio is a startup business in the HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) industry with an exclusive focus on the audio component of the Home Theater experience. Our target customers are audio/video enthusiasts who use their personal computers (PCs) to play music, watch live TV, movies, and other video content as well as to control and manage their media libraries. Amplio’s products provide our customers the best possible audio for their media systems through a direct digital interface to their audio data complemented by a world-class amplifier system and speaker interface. Amplio’s products are designed to compete with the high end of their target market while selling for significantly less than current offerings.

Amplio Audio is actively developing prototype products. A conceptual prototype was completed in March, 2006. This is the first device to integrate audiophile quality amplification in a single, user configurable package compatible with Windows or Macintosh computers. This prototype was built using Amplio-designed circuitry that connects audiophile quality amplifiers to a commercial interface unit. Amplio is now developing a working prototype including a customized interface unit, improved application software and consumer-oriented packaging.

Amplio Audio fills a growing market niche, providing audiophile quality components that interface with consumer’s Windows or Macintosh PCs and their home entertainment systems. This market is currently served with a combination of products from several manufacturers, none of which are designed specifically for home theater applications. Amplio’s product combines the functionality of a soundcard, home theater receiver and amplifier into a single device, providing consumers with an affordable, audiophile quality listening experience.

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